Tips for playing roulette online

If you have chosen to play roulette online, then you will be looking forward to the chance of winning a bit of money without having to leave your sofa. However, it isn’t always as easy as this, and if luck isn’t on your side when you play, you could find that you lose more than you win. That being said, there are ways that you can increase your chances of winning and up your game, and this article will help you to think about some of these ways.


Stick to outside bets


If you want to try inside bets, which is something like picking one specific number, then there is no doubt that you could win more if the right number is spun – however there is much more chance that you’re going to walk away with nothing at all. If you choose to go for bets on the outside, such as red/black or odd/even, you are much more likely to be correct, and although the prize money is lower, at least you will get more than you have come with.


Choose a European table


Roulette houses get an edge over players because they have a “0” tile, meaning that the odds of winning a red/black or odd/even bet are just less than even. If you play American roulette, however, there are two of these tiles – which means that the odds are slightly lower still. So, if you have the choice, you should always go for a European table. You can find out more about this here.


Don’t chase losses


Sometimes, it might feel as though the luck just isn’t on our side. If this happens to you, then it can be tempted to place more bets, even one big bet, to try and chase the money that you have lost. If this happens, you may find yourself more out of pocket than before. If you’re having a bad session, write it off and walk away. Never go back on a later date with the thought that you have to recoup a certain amount before you’re ‘even’.


Make sure your online casino is reputable


There are a lot of online casinos these days, because many people have noticed just how popular they are and have therefore decided that they would like a slice of the pie. However, not all of these are reputable, and this means that although they will be happy to take your money, they may not pay out, and games could well be fixed. Make sure you look online for unbiased reviews before you play, and this should help you to decide where you would like to sign up.


Enjoy your game


Roulette and betting in general should always be something that you are able to enjoy, and not something that you are stressed out by. Therefore, if you can feel yourself becoming stressed with the game, or feeling as though you have to play more, then you should take a break. There is definitely lots of fun to be had – but only if you are able to play it sensibly in a way that doesn’t impact on your daily life.